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05 December 2009 @ 10:59 am
terms of use.  
Hi there, I’m Kimi the owner of this Livejournal. I'm only new here therefore, I am not so good at it. I plan on giving tutorials based on sonyvegas, photoshop, animationshop, etc & adding graphics such as psds, brushes, bases, textures, icons, banners, etc ... Anyways, I obviously love graphic designing, and I love people using my designs ... that’s pretty much the reason for this journal’s existence, my journal has a lot of potential yet. Here are just a few things you should know ;

• Everything on this journal is made by me unless otherwise stated in credits.
• Absolutely no stealing - you can take for your own use, but please give credit.
• Please no hotlinking - upload to your own server, I would rather keep my image host bandwidth under control.
• Remember to credit - if you are going to use anything belonging to me, please comment saying so.
• You must add me as a friend to view most of my entries otherwise they will be classed as locked.

Thanks, I hope you follow the rules & enjoy your stay, you are welcomed anytime!